The Art of LIFE – Living the moments of your life with simplicity and style.

In Italian, VIVI means “to live”. We’ve chosen this name for our wines as a reflection of our belief that the Italian lifestyle is synonymous with the art of living well. In fact, the core philosophy behind our wine is that pure and simple enjoyment of every unique moment is the essence of living well. And our commitment to that philosophy is evident in everything we do.

We are proud to introduce two remarkable new wine offerings - VIVI Falanghina and VIVI Primitivo - simple, authentic pleasures fo all the moments of your life.


VIVI Falanghina is a fresh, clean interpretation of one of Italy’s most appreciated white wines. From the first sip, you’ll understand why wine experts predict that it will become as wildly popular in the future as Pinot Grigio is today.



VIVI Primitivo is a subtle, personable red wine with an exceptional family background. Genetically identical to the well-respected American Zinfandel of the Napa Valley, VIVI Primitivo brings the long-awaited Italian version to the U.S. Experience the taste of impeccable breeding.
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