VIVI - Made in Italy!

Our evocative VIVI wines originate from Campania and Puglia, lush regions in the south of Italy that have been at the heart of the wine-making tradition for more than 6000 years. Nestled close to the pure blue Mediterranean, Campagna and Puglia are areas world-renowned for beauty and grace. With a high altitude, mineral-rich soil, warm embracing sunshine, and cool breezes from the sea, the microclimate of these regions offers the ideal growing conditions for the grapes most loved by Italians for centuries. Our expert wine-makers have combined the most treasured grape pedigrees, a deep understanding of the art of viticulture, and a touch of modern innovation.

The result is VIVI – a rare synthesis of age-old Italian tradition and refreshing contemporary style. Our wines reflect the Italian passion for sharing, enjoyment, hospitality, and living with elegance and simplicity. We invite you to experience VIVI any time a quality wine with an extraordinarily reasonable price would add that special spark to the moments of your life. VIVI! Live it!


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